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In the recent years, teaching in China has reached global measures, considering the size of the market. Many teachers see this job as a great opportunity to travel the world, but also to earn a substantial amount of money. If you have education and experience in this field, try this out, and you will be thrilled.

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What People are Saying

Jenny F.

“This is the second year that I am spending in China, and I can say I am thrilled with this country. I didn’t experience any kind of problems, and people accepted me as their own.”

Mark S.

“I was very skeptical when I decided to accept this job, but after one-year teaching in China, everything went smoothly. Staff and student gave much-needed support from the start.”

Samantha I.

“Teaching in China brought me many great things in life, I’ve spent two years teaching in elementary school in Shanghai. I would recommend this job to anyone because you will love it.”

Mellissa D.

“Even though I am only a few months here, China is one beautiful country. Students are so friendly, and they respect me as a teacher. This is a great chance to earn some money.”

Jon T.

“I have spent five years teaching in China, and I will never forget that experience. The people were friendly, I really loved my student, and it was a great thing to try original Chinese cousin.”

Rick T.

“I got back to U.S. one month ago, after spending three years in China. This job has provided me an opportunity to meet many great people, which now I consider my friends. The salary was excellent, and I even started learning Chinese.”

What kind of opportunities teaching in China provides you?

If you are considering starting this job, first of all, you should be aware that you will be traveling to another continent, which includes vast cultural diversities. But, on the other hand, you will also experience many great things.

People are very welcoming and friendly and you will be accepted from the start. They will respect you because of your profession and knowledge. You will have a chance to try original Chinese cousin, which is very different from U.S. Considering your expenses, salary goes between $1.500 and $2.000 on a monthly level, with included housing and utility expenses, vacation and national holidays.

You will have an opportunity to study Chinese and get familiar with their culture. Here you will meet many great people, and some of them will become your friends for life and last but not least, you will travel the world and explore this Asian continent.

International Recruiting


You need certificate

The minimum certification most schools abroad accept, is the bachelor’s degree and a TEFL or ESL certification. You don’t necessary need to have these credentials, but you will be facing a lot of competition. Some schools in China demand that you have a teaching license in your native country, but that’s not mandatory. You will be teaching English to students anywhere, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Obligations of the company

Considering the demand, it is not difficult to find an open position in China. But, first you need to partner with some agency, that will be a mediator between school and you. The obligations of the company are to provide you information regarding the school, application process, visa accommodation and salary. The agency will submit all the necessary paperwork, and you are required to pay the fee for their services.

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Choose the school and the city

You shouldn’t choose the first school they offer, ask the agency to provide you a wider selection. Based on our experience, remote schools are much better for work. You won’t be under a significant pressure, and your expenses will be much smaller. Avoid big cities like Shanghai and Beijing because it’s too crowded and you will have a hard time getting used to them. The smaller environment will be much better for beginners.

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Blaine Ray has been the leading member of our agency for the last ten years. She is in charge of the recruitment process and the evaluation of our applicants. Considering how high demand is for the English teachers in China, her job can be very challenging. Apart from this, she is the leading author of our online publications and articles. Informing our future and potential teachers about life and work in China, updates about this job in general and conditions you will need to meet.

Before starting the work in our agency, Blaine had a long – term experience teaching English in the U.S., but also abroad. She spends ten years in China as well. She decided to use that experience to help other teachers. Using her skills and recommendations, you will soon start working in one of the top schools in China, meeting great students and even better staff.

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