How to find and apply for English teaching position in China

Heading to an East in hopes of better future is one of the major life changes you will be making. China has different culture and life habits than most of the western countries. This means you will need to adjust to them if you want to work here. On the other hand, if this matter is still new to you and you want to experience an international teaching career and meet many great people, we have prepared some tips for you which can help you significantly.

Determine your goals

Your initial step should be finding a proper location where you want to teach. Do you want to stay in bigger cities, or you want to teach in rural places? Once you resolved this issue, then you need to find a type of school which will be the best option for you. You can select between private and public schools. As a rule, public schools and universities will hire you on a ten months’ contract, which starts somewhere late in August. This means they will start reviewing the paperwork in March and April. On the other hand, private schools hire teachers through a whole year.

Be careful about the ads you read

Most teachers find the employment in China through ads they read on TEFL websites on the Internet. You should proceed with a great caution while reading these ads because they don’t represent the credibility of some school. These ads are accepted strictly because they create an income to the web pages and not because the employer is reputable. In most cases, EFL websites aren’t teachers’ public service, but a very profitable business. Even though many teachers have a positive experience with EFL websites; there is also a significant number of them who suffered some consequences.

Embassy limitations

Once you arrive in China, you will be obligated to call your consulate, but don’t expect they will fix all your issues. In this situation, you won’t be dealing with your native fellow, but a Chinese clerk who received extensive training to answer your every question. If you experience any type of quarrels, disagreements or issues, they won’t interfere, and therefore, they won’t be able to help you. You might think, this is not an important thing to consider, but when you find yourself in such a situation, you will need all the help you can get.

Be aware of the recruiters

There are many agencies on the market which will offer you employment in China, promising you a great salary and excellent conditions. But, the majority of them will offer you false promises and teachers who used their services have experienced horrific conditions. Only agency we recommend is ChinaJob, it is the oldest and the most reputable company in China, and if you want to peruse an employment in this country, you should think about its services. Avoid using agency and recruiters which won’t provide you straight information and you should prepare questions for them in advance.