China’s quality of life

In the recent years, many people have witnessed the economic prosperity of China. This country has become some major force in the world and the part of the global market.  The spike of the economy has improved the life standard of millions of people. They are feeling more comfortable, salaries have increased, and the life of regular Chinese citizen is starting to resemble more to Western nations. Also, many foreigners who visit this country, have brought some new energy and have a massive impact on Chinese people. Visitors now tons of things to see and many attractions to visit because China has become more opened to other countries.

Public transportation

In fifteen years China has improved its public transportation and that it can match many developed countries. In the past, remote cities and provinces were hard to reach, and people were left with only a few options. Some towns even lacked some necessary infrastructure, but now things have changed. If you want to take a trip from Shanghai to Beijing and your time is limited, the fastest way to get there is to take a plane. Now every major city and mid – provinces have airports. Considering railway, China now has bullet trains, which can travel up to 250 mph. If you are a fan of cars, you have a chance to rent a car in China and is very affordable.


The new skyscrapers are changing the shape of China; four tallest buildings are located in here. This means that real estate market is on the rise. Creating more comfortable complexes for foreigners and locals as well. There are still some provinces that kept the original way of life, they have small apartment and houses, which can barely fit one family. Hotels have adopted this way of construction. Imagine staying at 15th floor with a beautiful view of the city. This all comes with a price tag, but it’s much cheaper than anywhere in the world. Tourists especially enjoy these types of hotels.


China is one of the countries that has the most diverse cousin. For centuries, China has struggled to feed the massive population, and they ate almost anything. This raises some concerns about the safety of the food. Fortunately, tourists who visit China now will discover that these concerns are now becoming the history. You can enjoy Chinese cousin, try different types of meals and spices, which are very distinctive from the rest of the world. Developing of the market has made entire Asian region depend on China, and you now have chefs from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and many Asian countries working here.


Along with other improvements, public safety has shot up. China is implementing better laws to protect its citizens, as well as foreigners. The corruption has decreased, which made China a safe country for business and tourism. Visiting China will give an excellent opportunity to enjoy the nightlife and even travel to rural areas and still be safe and protected.