Three things to know before you accept teaching job in China

With its diverse culture, fascinating cousin and friendly people, China have become one of the most popular countries where English teachers seek employment. Considering the growth of the market and large population, the demand is vast, and competition isn’t that high. On the other hand, some teachers have experienced some unpleasant things, while staying here, such as dishonest schools and unsteady paychecks. If you want to avoid all this, here is what you need to do.

Teaching budget

Salary is one of the main concerns for all teachers who plan to accept this vocation. Will you make enough money to live comfortably abroad? This is a valid concern because you shouldn’t be worrying about money while adjusting to new life here. Salaries go between $900 and $1.500, and we can expect an even bigger rise in the future, with included healthcare, various fees, and competition bonus. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to find the schools which pay between $2.000 and $2.400 per month. The amount of salary will provide you a comfortable life, if you don’t blow your money on traveling and expensive restaurants, you can even save a bit.

Get a proper visa

By having a proper documentation, you will avoid many legal troubles with the Chinese government, and that is not something you will want to experience. If you want to work in China, you will need Z Visa, and it should be obtained by the school that sponsors you. Once the school files for your Z visa, you will be able to pick it up at your local Chinese embassy. Before you can take your visa, you will be asked to deliver your university degree, a passport which proves that you are coming from English speaking environment and TEFL or TESOL certificate. If you work on any other visa, such as X, L or F, you are considered as an illegal worker, and it can get you expelled from this country.

Learn about different schools

While working in China, you will have the opportunity to choose between several options and each of them offers you advantages and disadvantages. Most schools require from you to have a university degree and TEFL certificate. Private schools are your best option because they pay well and you will have full benefits. Considering these factors, it is highly competitive to land a job position here. Another option for English teachers is ESL schools. Where you will be facing with different students who range widely in age, from children to adults and some of these schools are only for business English. Teaching during the night and at weekends is very common here, considering that most students are free at that time.

Public schools are another choice you can accept. As a teacher in public schools, you will be in charge of a class that counts between 30 and 50 students and lessons last for 45 minutes. Once you finish your working day at school, you can still take a part time job, offering one on one private English lessons.