Why are English teachers so popular in China?

In the last decade, English teachers have become celebrities in China, considering the demand. The Chinese market is developing fast, and it has become a global force. On the other hand, English is the most used language in the world, and the Chinese population is lacking in English skills. Asian countries have a particular educational system; they don’t pay too much attention to speaking, they learn grammar more. When they are confronted with real life situations where they need to talk to other people, they have a hard time managed it. This is one of the main reason, why English and English teachers are so famous.

The development of the market

Many international companies are opening their branches in China, and more and more foreigners are choosing this country for their business. So, if Chinese people want to work with these companies and have better salaries, they need to have a certain proficiency in English. People of China don’t have an opportunity to travel abroad so often, so taking classes has become the only way for them to learn this language. Some experts predict that China will become a global force, so if they want to progress in their career and better position in the company, then need to speak English fluently.

The lack of staff

Considering that China counts more than 2 billion of people, it has become hard to supply such a market with a professional English teacher. They have opened their borders to foreign teachers, many individuals who are coming from the native countries. Due to their bad educational system, even Chines teachers who majored in English, have a hard time speaking it with fluency and without mistakes. Teachers who are coming from the U.S., Australia, Canada and England are the biggest competition, and the Chinese government is investing billions of dollars in this industry. They want to prepare their children and workers for the future changes.

Poor education system

During the years, Chinese people didn’t have a proper education in the English language. The most important thing for them was grammar, and they didn’t have practical English skills, which later has proven to be a big issue for many Chinese people. The teachers didn’t practice speaking with them, only relying on tests and grammar. Even now, when China has a large number of foreign teachers, things are changing slowly. It is estimated that China now has more than 100,000 English teachers, which means they want to change the old habits and improve the speaking skills of its citizens and students.

The benefits are great

Because of lack of staff, China is trying to promote this profession in a best possible way. They are providing English teachers great benefits and excellent salary. The teacher can earn between $1,500 and $2.000, which is a great motivation for most of them. They have a paid vacation and holiday leave, and some schools even offer renting and utility costs. This is one of the reasons why teachers choose this country.